On one of my early morning walks, fog coated the trees with moisture. A revelation occurred! No, really, not a dream, but a real revelation. The fog hung on thousands of spider webs draped in the trees!

The fog revealed the most beautiful scene as the sun rose and hit the drenched webs! I took several pictures, I couldn’t resist!  (Click to see photo Here)

Of course, we know these webs were skillfully built and strategically placed to enslave a bug! When a bug hits the web, the spider rushes out, spins strands of web around and around the victim, and later, well, you know.

Thousands of webs have been skillfully built and strategically placed by the evil one to enslave us too.

Our eyes sparkle at the beautiful way each web looks, but then we grieve greatly when a friend, relative, we ourselves get entangled.

These webs are all too familiar!

  • A funny beer commercial entertains us on Monday Night Football, yet alcoholism traps our loved one.
  • A neat list of “do this and don’t do that” seems attractive, yet we end up as judgmental legalists.
  • A craving for a comfortable lifestyle draws many of us, yet we become apathetic about those in need.

But there’s good news! And the good news, ironically, is that freedom, real freedom, is found in becoming a slave to Jesus Christ.

So Christ has truly set us free.  Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law. Galatians 5:1 NLT

When you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord, you enslave yourself to the perfect Son of God, then you become truly free!

Everyone serves someone or something! Serving Jesus makes us free! So don’t go right back into serving that old sin that spun a web around you in the past. Stay truly free in Christ!

Our Father, thank-you for setting us free from our sin and addictions. Show us how to use your power today to overcome that pesky thing that wants to enslave us again. Your salvation removed the penalty of sin, daily You give power to resist sin, and praise your Name, one day You will remove the presence of sin!!! Thank-you for real freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Pastor Denny

Pastor, Husband, Father, PawPa

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