Dad Bought a Horse

My Dad bought a horse when I was a teenager.  We already had horses. But this one needed its own fenced area.

So in the middle of the summer, in hard, rocky, parched Arkansas soil on a hillside, we built a board fence. We dug each post hole by hand. We used a metal bar to dig rocks out of each hole. We braced a fencepost upright into each hole, then put sacked concrete around each. Then came the boards, hard and dry. Every nail wanted to bend before we could drive it all the way through the board into the post.

I did not build that fence to please the horse or the neighbors or the relatives or the townspeople of Glenwood. I worked to build that fence to please only one person, my Dad! Only his opinion mattered.

I watched the news last night. The blitz of back-to-back political ads zoomed-by barely leaving enough room for the news and weather. Who can please the most people to get elected? Will they be guided by the fickle nature of the public or by a higher moral standard?

Everyday I want to be the best preacher, shepherd, and leader possible. Expectations of dozens of people easily pull my thoughts in many directions. But I know I have only one person to please, the Father!

We all have one person to please! Everyday we have decisions to make. Our goal is to please the one Person who sees all and knows all.

Paul understood this well when he said:

Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant. Galatians 1:10 NLT

Verses about the gospel of salvation found in Jesus Christ sandwiches verse 10. Paul’s goal, his obsession, was to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ so that the Father approved. In the previous verses he uses strong language pronouncing a curse on anyone who would deviate from declaring anything but the true gospel. In the following verses, he reminds us that he received this gospel directly from Jesus Himself, referring to his Damascus road conversion experience.

One Person comprises our audience in how we live our lives. Let us encourage one another to live our lives together as a congregation to please Him!

Our Father, thank-you for the good news of the gospel. We give ourselves to You to live the gospel each day in way that pleases You as Christ’s servants.





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