Fence Straddling

Gunsmoke & James Arnes. The Lone Ranger & Tonto. Paladin & Have Gun will Travel. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Happy Trails to You. Rawhide & Head’m Up, Move’m Out. The Virginian.

I suspect the old west barely resembled the lifestyle portrayed in these old shows I grew up watching.

But one thing for sure, cattle-rustlin’ and horse-stealin’ brought the ire of the hard-working farmers, ranchers and law enforcement. These no-goods met harsh punishments. Most of us understand what “get-a-rope” means.

Evidently, there were sheep-rustlers in Jesus’ day too. Some no-goods sometimes broke through the sheep pen wall or climbed over it to rustle sheep!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

The evil one has quiet a team of rustlers. On the spiritual side are the thieves of out-right false religions and Christian sects with false doctrine. Then there are the body and mind destroyers of drugs, alcohol, and gluttony. And don’t forget the relationship murderers of lust, adultery, and sexual perversion.

Jesus said in John 10 (read it here) that anyone who does not enter through the gate is a sheep-rustler. And then He said that He is The Gate. We must enter the sheep pen through Him and only Him.

He is The Shepherd who protects the lives of the sheep and gives them all they need for abundant life.

Jesus’ analogy divided His listeners. Some said He had a demon. Others argued a demon-possessed man could not open a blind man’s eyes.

Jesus still creates a sharp divide today. Either we are for Him or against Him. Either we are hot or cold, or worse lukewarm.

Lukewarm means one is trying to “straddle the fence!” If you’re “on the fence,” guess who comes in that way? Rustlers! Jesus is “The Gate.” Get off the fence! Go 100% with Jesus!

Our Father, thank-you for sending Your Son that we may have real life and have it more abundantly! We commit today to get off the fence and go 100% for our Lord.

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Pastor Denny

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