40 Days of Prayer for Awakening & Revival – Day 4

Continue to pray for Spiritual Awakening & Revival! Make some noise!! Read this devotional and pray a “noisy” prayer.

Pray Until He Comes (by Mark Bridges)

David Crowder wrote a unique worship song called Make a Joyful Noise.  I especially love two lines in the song, “I will not be silent” and “I will not be quiet anymore.” They remind me of the prophet’s words in Isaiah 62:1:

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be quiet, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch.

Why will the prophet Isaiah not keep quiet?  Because he longs to see the bright ray of righteousness and a flaming torch of salvation among his people.  He is anticipating a great awakening among the Lord’s people.  He is anticipating a massive movement of God’s Spirit.  He is anticipating revival.

The “until” in Isaiah 62:1 is a picture of revival!  Duncan Campbell captures the thought like this: “Revival is a community saturated with God.”  This community earnestly desires to be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19) and is moved to sincerely pray for revival.

For Arkansas’ sake, I will not keep silent until a longing for revival births in my ministry and in my church. This is the noise I’m longing to hear:  the noise of faithful prayer warriors; the powerful noise of the Spirit blowing wherever He pleases (John 3); the noise of salvation; the noise of many changed lives.

Father, unleash a movement of Your Spirit like we have never seen, heard or experienced before.

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