40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 14

What have the hard-knocks of life taught you? What advice would you give to a young adult? These lessons can help us refocus so God can bring Revival. Read below and PRAY!

If you love me, you will keep my commandments. John 14:15

Day 14

Press on through Difficulty (by Dan Jordan)

I am learning not to ask God, “Why?”

Over the years, God has helped me know Him during some difficult days. Some key insights:

  • Combat doubt with obedience.  Real peace comes from understanding the question instead of the answer.  “Whys” come from the over-ripened fruit of doubt – and that fruit, that noxious tree, can only be made sweet by raw obedience to the Lord.
  • Happiness is not a place, but a way of life. Replace wanting and getting with living – life is to be found in the journey.  It is not about arriving or having – it is about living.
  • Seek God’s presence every day. Too often my worldview is tilted towards tomorrow – focused on the future instead of the daily gift of God’s presence in my life. Life, then, is to embrace and know our God in every experience! He reveals all that He wants me to be, to enjoy, and to share with a doubting world – a world that poses impossible questions that can only be answered by a God of purpose.

Father, when I am confused and disoriented, what I need more than the answers to my questions is an encounter with You.

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One thought on “40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 14”

  1. Our 40 Days of Prayer booklet has been so helpful in focusing our minds and hearts on revival. Oh, Lord, please let it begin with me.


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