40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 16

If we have revival and God brings more people to Balboa, where will we put them? Pray for new Sunday School leaders to be called. We have four empty rooms where new classes can be started. Let’s give God some empty jars to fill! Pray for REVIVAL. Read this devotional by my fellow pastor and friend, then PRAY.

Day 16

Preparing Now for New Believers

(by Clay Hallmark)

A woman sought Elisha, the prophet whose reputation as a man of God was well known (Click 2 Kings 4:1-7 to read). She explained to the prophet how her husband had died and left her with a debt that had to be paid immediately.

Elisha instructed her to take her sons and go around their community to collect as many empty jars as they could find. Then Elisha directed them to go inside their house, shut the doors, and pour oil from one nearly empty jar of oil into all the completely empty jars.

As long as there were empty jars to fill, the oil continued to flow from the nearly empty jar.

The truth is that many of our churches are not prepared for a revival that would result in more people coming into the church. Why? We have not offered God any empty jars for Him to fill with new people!

It has been proven time and time again that new Bible study groups and classes reach new people. If a church is really serious about reaching new people, they need to offer God some new Sunday School classes – some empty “jars.” Maybe you are the one God is waiting on to be the catalyst to start a new class that will intentionally show people that their life matters to God!

Father, I want to empty anything out of my life that is a barrier to reaching new people. Use me to encourage or help start a new Bible study group in our church where new believers can learn that they matter to God.


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