40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 17

  • Strive with God in prayer!
  • Wrestle with God in prayer!
  • Be persistent in your praying.
  • PRAY that God will send His revival!

Day 17

Pray Until He Answers (by Dave McClung)

Though he slay me, I will hope in Him.  Nevertheless I will argue my ways before Him.  This also will be my salvation, for a godless man may not come before His presence. Job 13:15-16 (NASB)

Job is one of many in the Scriptures who chose to strive with God in prayer. Jacob, Moses, Jeremiah, Amos, Paul and a host of others persisted in their relationships with the Lord, because they knew if anything was to change in their lives, it would come from the giver of all good gifts.

God’s holiness and purposes do not change, but in light of the prayers of His people, God’s actions can change.  God is not deaf, He listens; and more than that, He acts.

A wise man once said, “never be satisfied with an unanswered prayer.”  God desires for us to seek Him continually, not just to get what we want, but to get our wants and His wants in line with one another.

Strive with God until an answer is given, negatively or positively: pray for the best God can give.  Just as Jacob wrestled with the angel of God for a blessing, we must strive with God for answered prayer.  We must never give up praying for revival to come to our churches and communities.  We must never grow weary and lose heart in our passion for prayer. 

Father, grant us the ability and desire to persist in our conversations with you as the prophets did.  May our persistent heart cries for revival bring about change in our own lives and the lives of our churches.


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