40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 12

The church is the only organization in the world designed for its non-members. Pray that God will revive us to be focused on others. A NEW command Jesus gave us, “Love one another.” This one command replaced over 600 laws the legalists said we had to observe.  Jesus said, “Love one another.”

Only one command! Love each other!  Once we are forgiven in Jesus Christ, that vertical relationship is established! Now get busy loving each other in horizontal relationships, that’s the one command. Pray with me for revival!

Day 12

End the Fighting Now

(by Don Phillips, Calvary Baptist, Camden AR)

May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me. John 17:23 (NIV)

I remember when the preacher said, “The greatest sin being committed on the face of the earth today is…”

I was all ears.  What was it?  Abortion?  Pornography?  Rape?  Murder?  His answer made me sick to my stomach.

He said it was fighting and bickering in the church.

I began to think of churches I had been a part of.  Often there was disharmony.

Some little thing – while nothing compared to people all around the church going to hell – seemed to always be on the hearts of combatants in the church.

Jesus prays for us to be ones to tell the world that He has been sent by the Father to save the world.  Fighting grieves the Holy Spirit, the One who draws people to Jesus.

The Lord doesn’t draw people to selfish, fighting churches.  He draws them to churches filled with the love of God, flowing out to people in every direction.

Father, fill my church with your love.  Bring an end to the selfish bickering in our churches and denomination; lead us to become an oasis of love and care in a dark, hostile world.


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