40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 13

Pray with me that our revival will also impact our small groups of children and students at Balboa. Perhaps the spark will actually start with them. Wouldn’t that be exciting!!! Read this devotional and pray with me for revival!

Day 13

Ask God to Use the Children (by Bill Newton)

The harvest is plentiful… Matthew 9:37

In 1987, singer Whitney Houston had a hit song which began, “I believe the children are the future…”

Many adult believers have adopted the same idea. Children are the future of the church in one sense, but they are also part of the church today!

Consider this:  some of the greatest victories in the Bible have involved children who had great faith. God used them to do incredible things for the Kingdom.  We must pray for the salvation of young children, not only because they are the future, but also because He wants to use them to begin building His Kingdom today.

I know of few mission fields more ripe for harvest than the school system.  What an exciting thought:  a child comes to know God and takes that newfound joy to the playground and shares with all his friends the story of salvation.

Imagine if there were three or four kids on that playground sharing their newfound salvation story; dream what it would be like for that to happen in every school system in the state. Let’s pray for this!

Father, may Your Spirit move in the hearts of children across Arkansas as they share Christ with their friends.


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