40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 18

Don’t lose hope!  PRAY till God answers! Read this devotional by the pastor of Wynne Baptist, Wynne, AR, and PRAY.

Day 18

Pray Hard, Live Hard

(by Don Pucik)

On August 2, 1745, David Brainerd penned the following words in his diary after 28 discouraging months of serving as an early colonial missionary to native Americans in New England:

“I began to entertain serious thoughts of giving up my mission.  I do not know that my hopes respecting the conversion of the Indians were ever reduced to so low an ebb.  And yet this was the very season that God saw fittest to begin this glorious work!  And thus He ordained strength out of weakness, by making bare His almighty arm at a time when all hopes and human probabilities most evidently appeared to fail.”

On August 8, God broke through. Less than a year later, Brainerd had baptized 77 and led a congregation of 150.

The converts immediately abandoned animism, alcohol, and adultery. The change of life was permanent and dramatic.

In less than two years, Brainerd died – at age 29.

Are you losing hope that God could do a mighty work in your life or in your church? This might be the very time He is about to move!  Don’t quit now… keep praying until He shows Himself strong to you and your church.

Father, You have a way of stepping in when all human solutions and answers have failed.  Come into my life and my church and do a mighty work, proving to everyone who sees that You are a God who hears and acts on behalf of His people!


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