40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 21

Pray for revival, but be aware of intentional distractions the enemy will use to get you not to pray.

Day 21

Pray through Every Obstacle

(by Gayla Parker)

Have you noticed that, the moment that you decide to spend time in prayer, everything that can go wrong goes wrong?  In the midst of writing this, my son’s car has been stolen and my father-in-law’s house broken into.  Why is it that dedication to spiritual renewal often brings with it worldly problems?  How can we manage the obstacle course?

Preparation for revival begins by going to a place of prayer.  It is at the place of prayer that God brings the desires of our hearts closer to His; it is also where we can experience the greatest obstacles.

In Acts 16:16-31, Paul and Silas were on their way to a place of prayer when a demon-possessed woman recognized them as men of God and began shouting,

“These men will tell you the way to be saved!”

(Click Acts 16:16-31 to read)

Paul and Silas cast out the demon in the girl – without her powers, her owners would lose money – and soon found themselves in prison.

We face obstacles every day.  For Paul and Silas, the obstacles were prison chains.  For us it might be limited income, managing a full time job and ministry, a busy family life or an illness.

Paul and Silas dealt with their obstacles by praying and praising God.  God didn’t remove Paul and Silas from prison, but He did remove the obstacles: the jailor came to know Christ, along with his entire household!

Father, remove any obstacles that are preventing me and my church from experiencing revival.