40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 30

Pray for God to remove all doubt in Him and His Word! Pray that we single-mindedly focus on doing His will!

Day 30 – Help New Believers Grow in Faith

by Clint Ritchie

The angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven, “Abraham!  Abraham!”  “Here I am,” he replied. Genesis 22:11 (NIV)

Os Guinness gives a very helpful definition of doubt in his book, In Two Minds. He says,

When you believe, you are in one mind and accept something as true. Unbelief is to be of one mind and reject that something is true. To doubt is to waver between the two, to believe and disbelieve at the same time, and so to be in ‘two minds.’

When God called Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham answered Him twice with the words, “Here I am.”  He was willing to follow Him.

Abraham was in “one mind” and accepted God’s word as true.  Even though God had called him to sacrifice his beloved son, Abraham never wavered between belief and disbelief.  Rather, Abraham knew that he had had an encounter with God, and he was going to be faithful in following the command of God.

Many people are going to have an encounter with God during Re:Fresh – Revival that will cause them to believe. Pray that they may be in “one mind” – unwavering in belief – as they grow in Christ and their understanding of the truth.

Father, please protect and grow the new believers who come into our churches in coming months.  Grow our churches to become nurseries for new disciples – places where their faith can grow strong!

40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 26

Pray today that God will begin revival in our marriages and homes! Pray for revival of God’s work in our relationships with children and grandchildren. Pray for troubled marriages. Pray for grandkids to be saved. Cry out to God for our families!

Day 26 – Revive Our Families

by Ben Phillips

Malachi 4:4-5  “Remember to obey the Law of Moses, my servant—all the decrees and regulations that I gave him on Mount Sinai for all Israel.  “Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives.

Mount Magazine is the highest point in Arkansas, rising 2,753 feet above sea level.  The gaze from the top on a clear day is breathtaking as one beholds the vast expanse of God’s creation.

As the Old Testament concludes, the prophet Malachi gives us a glimpse of revival in the future.  In Malachi 4:4, he urges us to gaze behind us and remember the law.  Does the view from the peaks in Arkansas reveal that there is a famine for the Word in the home?

Malachi 4:5 encourages us to gaze ahead and recognize that a day of judgment is coming; but before that day, there is time, there is mercy and there is a messenger.  Your Life Matters is a time for messengers of mercy to spread the gospel.  Will you pray that God will raise up messengers of mercy to take the gospel outside the walls of the church and into people’s homes?

The challenge to gaze inwardly at the home is a striking conclusion of the Old Testament.  Malachi stresses the relationship between a father and his children.

The family is in peril and in desperate need for revival. Will you pray that God will renew the hearts of fathers towards their children and children towards their fathers and bring genuine revival in the home? 

Father, I’m praying for the time when I can look across Arkansas and see genuine revival breaking out in families, churches, and communities.