40 Days of Prayer for Revival & Spiritual Awakening – Day 34

Day 34

Depend on Him 

by David James

…when they had prayed…   

Acts 4:31 (NASB)

What happens when we pray?  What difference does it make when we come together for a collective time of intimate and glorious intercession with our Father “who art in heaven?”  What do we desire when we come together to pray?

The early church in Acts 4 had a divine encounter when they prayed. The place where they had gathered together was shaken. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and they began to speak the Word of God with confidence – what they had prayed for earlier in the chapter.

It is not strange that we receive what we pray for.

When will we utterly, exclusively and powerlessly trust Him and Him alone for direction, power, and results that expose the awesome God of the universe?

Our actions reveal the depth of our prayers.  So let us approach prayer with caution, sincerity and a deep desire to worship and honor the living God. How? Pray with complete dependence on Him to respond to the desperation of His children crying out before Him. Let’s pray!

Father, would you shake the place when my church prays together and seeks You? I want to see Your mighty hand at work all around!

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