Rock and Sand

Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

Proverbs 1:7 NLT

Carpenters are busy building a new house right up the street from where we live. The house is starting to take shape with the framing going up. Of course, they laid a foundation first, for this house it’s a solid concrete slab.

The wise man built his house upon the rock; And the rain came tumbling down.

The rain came down; And the floods came up; And the wise man’s house stood firm.

The foolish man built his house upon the sand; And the rain came tumbling down.

The rain came down; And the floods came up; And the foolish man’s house went “splat!”

I sang this song many times as a child and many more times as a children’s minister. Even though the symbolism in the song mostly escaped me as a child, it is an image ingrained into my imagination!

The song is based on the story Jesus told in Matthew 7:24-27. He said:

But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand.

Matthew 7:26 NLT

Then Matthew adds this comment:

… the crowds were amazed at his teaching, for he taught with real authority …

Matthew 7:28-29

Jesus was speaking of Himself. Jesus is the solid rock on which to build. He is The Cornerstone that many reject. According to Jesus, these “houses” will go “splat.”

The most important question you will ever answer is “Who is Jesus?” Your answer will echo through eternity as to whether you were wise or foolish.

When will you answer that question? You are answering it right now by the way you live, by what you profess with your mouth, with your world view, and what you worship. Your answer to this question is loud and clear.

Soon you will stand before your Creator. Will He judge you as wise or foolish? You are deciding that judgment now, in this life, by what you do with the question, “Who is Jesus?”

God requires one thing, make His Son your Lord. I’m all-in! Are you?

Our Father, thank-you for bringing wisdom from the pages of the Bible and showing us what it looks like in the real person and life of Your Son Jesus. I believe! I believe! Jesus is Lord, He is risen from the dead and He is Lord!

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Pastor Denny

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