Is Jesus the Only Way?

 This quote from G. K. Chesterson haunts me.
“A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about the truth; this has been exactly reversed.” G. K. Chesterson

Satan is the father of lies and seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. He and his demons are ruthless. They will lie, cheat, and steal to turn you away from Jesus Christ, the Lord who is the one source of salvation.

I asked someone recently, “The hallmark of my faith is this: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. Have you come to the point of accepting Jesus into your life?”

His response is like many today, “I believe God is everywhere and does not limit Himself to one person to show himself.”

G. K. Chesterson was right. So many are sure of their opinion and yet reject the truth of the Bible that’s proven true for centuries.

Yes, God is everywhere, but He has revealed Himself in a very PERSONAL way, in His perfect Son Jesus Christ. To say you believe in God and yet reject His most beloved, one-of-a-kind Son is unpardonable. How could God accept you into His heaven if you’ve rejected His sacrifice of Jesus on the cross who now sits at God’s right hand forever?

If you are drowning in the ocean, someone throws you the only lifeline available, and you refuse to take it because you believe in the general concept of lifelines everywhere, then you will drown.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 ESV

A. Acknowledge you are a sinner and your sin separates you from a relationship with God.

B. Believe in Jesus Christ as your only source of forgiveness, who died for you, and rose from the dead.

C. Confess Him as Lord publicly through baptism, follow Him publicly, and start the growth process in a local congregation of fellow believers.

Pray this prayer: Oh, God, thank you for loving me so much you sacrificed Your Son for me. I am a sinner and rebel against You. I believe in Jesus and His resurrection and ask your complete forgiveness through Him. Please save me. I will show this through baptism and my life of following Jesus Christ as Lord.

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Pastor Denny

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One thought on “Is Jesus the Only Way?”

  1. Thanks Denny, I needed that……today is going to be a hard day. I have to have a root canal and crown done today (which is expensive) and this just happens two days before we leave for our cruise. I’m very concerned because I don’t want this to ruin the trip that we have been so looking forward to for over a year. Please pray for me as right now my stomach is in “knots”. Not so because I’m afraid of the dental work but the timing. I know God will take care of things but sometimes it’s hard. God bless


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