Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon in 1969. I turned 14 that fall. The next summer I bought a motorcycle.

A 14-year-old could pass a test and get a license if the engine rated less than 5.5 horsepower. My Bridgestone 50 packed a whopping 5.3. After riding a bicycle for years, riding something with an engine thrilled my teenage soul!

One hot Sunday afternoon, I went for a ride. I cut through the parking lot of the Cattle Auction Barn. The unpaved, dirt parking lot had potholes created by the big trucks that hauled cattle to and from the “Sale Barn.”

I looked down just in time to see my front wheel drop into a pothole. Suddenly my back is in searing pain and I’m looking at the sky. The cycle had flipped over landing on the rear fender and taillight, slid on its side bending the right handlebar 90 degrees.

I also flipped forward, landing on my head evidenced by a big gash in the helmet, rolled forward onto my back and slid several feet on the rocks and dirt rubbing the skin off of 1/3 of my back. It shredded my thin t-shirt. My 14-year-old world had come apart!

My back healed. I hammered the fender out, ordered and installed a new taillight, and bent the handlebar back into place. I continued to ride, but much more carefully!

In John 16:33, Jesus knows that His disciples’ world is about to fall apart. He will soon be crucified. Everything will seem to unravel for His followers. So he tells them,

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.

John 16:33 NLT

The potholes of this world will wreak havoc in our lives sooner or later. Jesus said He has overcome the world!

You are just coming out of one of those “trials and sorrows,” you are in one now, or you are about to go into one.

The real issue is not whether you will hit a pothole, but do you have “The Overcomer” of the world with you? His name is Jesus. Do you know Him? I promise you, you will need Him.

Our Father, thank-you for sending Your Son so we can always have with us the Overcomer of this pothole-filled world.








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