How to Plow

“If you tell Trigger to ‘Gee’ he will go right. Tell him to ‘Ha’ then he will go left. Keep your eyes on that fence post up there. Keep ole’ Trigger headed toward it and plow a straight line.”

Even with the modern conveniences of tillers and tractors available to him, my grandfather chose to plow his gardens with a big plow horse named ‘Trigger.’

Papa Cooper, my mother’s Dad, owned 40 acres out in the country. He harnessed Trigger to the plow one spring day to break up his gardens.

“Hey, Denny, come on out here and help me.” He gave me the instructions to plow, put the reins over my shoulder, and I did it! I didn’t like the idea at the time because it seemed like work. Like most preteens, I was allergic. But today it is one my most precious memories!

Hands on the plow, watching the fence post, remembering to say ‘Gee’ and ‘Ha,’ not stumbling on the freshly broken ground, and listening to Papa’s instructions. Plowing with Trigger required a lot concentration.

Looking backwards with all that going on did not enter my mind. But if I had looked back, everything would have gone awry!

“Jesus said to him, ‘No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.’”

Luke 9:62

Jesus gives his disciples the command, “Follow Me.” He is uncompromising when it comes to having Him as our first loyalty before everything else in life. But the potential disciple said he ‘first’ needed to go say goodbye to family and friends.

Jesus knew it wasn’t a simple goodbye, but something that would be an ongoing distraction. The potential follower would continually look back in regret or nostalgia instead of relentlessly following Him.

To put one’s hand to the plow is an action that takes place in an instant. Looking back is an action that happens over and over again. You cannot follow Jesus always looking back wondering what might have been if you did something else.

The word ‘fit’ means to be useful in a practical way. To be a disciple of Jesus requires a focus, that is laser sharp. To decide to follow Jesus, yet continuously wondering about all the ‘shoulda’s,’ ‘coulda’s,’ and ‘woulda’s’ makes you practically useless to God’s kingdom.

Get to plowin’!

“Jesus said to him, ‘No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.’”

Luke 9:62








Stay focused on Jesus!

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