If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

“We’re lost but we’re sure making good time.” Yogi Berra

If someone discovers they are on the wrong highway, the most progressive thing he or she can do is go backwards. Return to the intersection and get on the right road!

God makes a promise: He will hear you when you call and will forgive your sin and will heal what is broken.

Of course, the promise is conditional. The biggest two-letter word in the English language jumps off the page, “IF.”

The “If” introduces four actions. Really it is one action with four parts or one play with four acts or one game with four quarters. All four go together as a whole.

First, humble yourself. This is an action, not just an attitude. It means to bend the knee. He didn’t say “be humble.” Start with a physical act like kneeling, leaning forward with your head in your hands, writing a letter of apology to someone, paying back a debt owed, or standing with hands raised.

Second, pray. Isaiah 66:8 compares prayer to childbirth. It is a travailing prayer. This is not a quick “getter-done” prayer. It is a squeezing in-between God and whatever is crowding God out of your life. Travail until you prevail!

Third, seek God’s face. His face is His presence. It is longing to be in His presence. It is not just seeking an answer, it is seeking God. “Seek” means to long for, continually desire, or want more than anything else. When the darkness of loneliness overwhelms us, we can’t resist the innate desire for someone’s presence!

Finally, turn from your wicked ways. One of the most used words in the Bible, over 1,000 times, simple means turn away from evil and toward good. It is to repent and all that repentance entails, an “about-face” or “U-turn.”

Revival starts with you and me. Are we willing to pay the price to meet God’s condition?

Our Father, revive us again! We submit to You. We call out to you with labor pains. We seek You with all our heart, mind, and body. We acknowledge our sin guilt and request your forgiveness.









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Pastor Denny

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