Leave what you know in order to go. Going implies leaving. To go to another place means you leave the place where you are.

In order to go with God means you leave something behind that is precious. So you must decide, is going with God more valuable than what you leave behind?

“And those twelve stones, which they took out of the Jordan, Joshua set up at Gilgal.”

Joshua 4:20 ESV

Those twelve stones marked a gigantic transition in the life of Israel as they crossed the Jordan River. They left behind the leadership of Moses to follow Joshua. They abandoned a nomadic lifestyle to become warriors. With thousands of funerals over the past forty years, they buried a generation that refused to believe and go. The twelve stones marked the beginning of a new chapter of going with God in faith and action.

Whether you retire, start a new job, move to a different house, or welcome a new child into your home, you leave something behind. You considered the new thing more valuable or necessary than the former.

In your last life transition, did you decide to lower the priority of your love for Jesus Christ? In our highly individualistic American culture, did you leave behind the regular gathering of believers called church?

Gathering together as believers in Jesus Christ meets essential needs. We desperately need to fellowship with each other, to grow spiritually, to serve each other’s needs, to reach out to those without Christ, and to corporately worship Him.

If someone said they liked me but wanted nothing to do with my wife, I would be offended. Christ said his bride is the church. So if you say you love him and hate his church, would he not be offended too?

Evaluate your last pile of rocks. Does it signal a going forward with God and His people or does it signal leaving them behind? What did you say goodbye to?

Our Father, thank-you that Your Son Jesus left heaven to come to earth to die for us. Help us leave behind whatever is necessary to love and obey You.









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Pastor Denny

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