Finding Your Gladness … Again

“Serve the Lord with gladness!” Psalm 100:2

You don’t have to if you don’t want to. We all have enough of a stubborn streak in us that we bristle a little if someone tells us what to do.

So, you don’t have to serve the Lord or be glad. You can serve yourself, someone else, a habit, an addiction, a hobby, a job, or money. But the fact is, you DO serve someone or something.

You don’t have to be glad either. You can be bitter, angry, worried, sad, indifferent, or rude. But you will have an attitude of your choice, but you cannot refuse to have an attitude.

I have met several people who have served the Lord in the past, but they lost their “gladness.”  For some it was fatigue, either in emotion, body, or spirit. For others, someone offended them. Whatever the reason for “burn-out,” it happens to some.

Can you serve the Lord long-term without gladness? Can you truly be glad without serving the Lord? I believe the answer to both of these questions is ‘no.’

If you have been hurt, offended, burned-out, or fatigued, why not come back to a refueling place called a church and rediscover your gladness? Just come and worship a while. Sing the songs of the faith again.

Prescription: read Psalm 100 several times, then find a place of worship, praise, thanksgiving, and rest. Perhaps you can “serve the Lord with gladness” again.

Our Father, help us to both serve You and be glad. Heal us of hurts. Help us forgive as you forgave us. Help us by refueling us with Your gladness.









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Pastor Denny

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