Sheer Joy – But How?

Is true happiness possible? Everyone seems to be looking for it. Where do I start? Can I enjoy for the rest of my life?

Does happiness come with retirement, health, time, sex, or money? Time and time again we see someone with fame, riches, and pleasures, yet a divorce is making them very unhappy.

The Bible calls it joy, gladness, and rejoicing. Is it just pie in the sky? The Bible writer, Paul, said,

“Always be full of joy in the Lord.” Philippians 4:4 NLT.

Note that Paul was not in an ivory tower with servants waiting on him, but wrote this while he was in prison to people who were going through very tough times.

1. First, you will never find happiness. You must choose it. It’s a choice or rather a series of choices about the way you think, live, and act.

2. Then, if you make happiness your goal in life, you will never have it. It is a result or by-product of something else. You will become very self-centered and frustrated if happiness is your life’s objective.

3. Also, intentional steps create happiness. We shape our habits and our habits shape us. These steps are very simple to teach, but incredibly difficult to do.

4. A joy based on circumstances is temporary. Joy built on right steps is long-lasting. You go on a wonderful cruise to the Greek Isles for a couple of weeks – happy! Then the Visa bill – unhappy.

5. We all know how addicting bad habits are. But good habits are just as addicting but without all the bad side-effects. Bad habits are not created overnight. Both good and bad habits take time to develop.

Want to know more? This Sunday, April 23, at 9am, I begin a series of messages under the theme:

“HOW TO IN-JOY LIFE: Simple, but Difficult Steps.”


Find us at BalboaBaptist.Church. Our mission is to bring all people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and help them grow toward Christian maturity through love, prayer, worship, teaching, and service.









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