One of the Scariest Things I Know

A former seminary professor told of the wisest man he had known, his name was C.T. Sharp. Uneducated, semi-retired rancher, turned mortician, former professional boxer, cattle-truck driver, and hotel pastry cook. For years he was a Deacon of a small, rural Texas church. A lake develop project exploded the community with newcomers. The congregation grappled with changes not seen in its 100 year history. He literally held the church together with gentle wisdom through the physical and financial decisions. He spoke with humble gentleness and God’s presence!

The scariest thing I can imagine is not ghosts and goblins, but guys and gals who act foolishly.

Can wisdom be defined? Mr. Sharp had it and everyone knew it. It is one of those things you know when you see it. Do you have it? Are you wise?

“Who is wise and understanding among you?” (James 3:13 ESV) This question begs us to self-assess. The root word for wise, sophisticated, and sophomore is Sophos. Remember those dumb things you did as a freshman in college? Remember as a sophomore being a little wiser? To be wise means to be skilled, learned, and able to settle disagreements.

Do you have “understanding?” This is knowledge built on previous knowledge which is built on previous knowledge. It is literally standing upon what is under you. It is long-term, personal experience able to give expert advice.

It is one thing to get an exercise bike or treadmill, but quite another to exercise on it! If you have wisdom, prove it! “By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom.” (James 3:13 ESV) By the way you behave every day exercise your works of humbling yourself with godly wisdom.

Again, the question, “Can this wisdom be defined?” In the Bible, James defines both worldly wisdom and godly wisdom. Here’s a snapshot of each.

Worldly wisdom is having a boiling, bitter temper; a mercenary, selfish ambition; devil-like cutthroat tactics; and loud put-downs of others while bragging about selfish conquests.

Godly wisdom is having uncontaminated motives; promotes peaceful solutions; enforces the spirit of the law, not the letter; predisposed to reconcile using reason, instead of fighting; full of mercy out of loyalty to God; truly fruitful or productive; whole-heartedly impartial; not hypocritical or phony; and does the right thing whether anyone is looking or not.

Scary to self-assess, huh? Note the two areas these characteristics become obvious: in your relationships and what comes out of your mouth.

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