About Pastor Denny

Pastor Denny
Balboa Baptist Church, Hot Springs Village AR

Bio: Pastor, Husband, Father, PawPa

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2 thoughts on “About Pastor Denny”

  1. My mom texted me tonight that she was baptised yesterday. Since reading your website I know you teach the truth about baptism so I know my mom has been taught what it means. I am truly grateful for the part you have in her life to lead her to salvation and that she now has eternal life. I don’t think talking about God with me is easy for her so I think texting me that she got baptised is her way of letting me know. May God pour out His blessings upon you and your congregation as you serve our King.


    1. Thank-you Annette. Our church rejoiced Sunday that your mother accepted Christ & obeyed Him in baptism! She wrote her testimony & it was read to the congregation when she was baptized. Would you like to have it? Email me at dwrightbaboa@gmail.com & I’ll send it to you. God bless!


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